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We are located in Manhattan, New York

About us

Blue Pearl Digital Company we take the bride of being the best digital marketing company around New York. With the advancement of technology, we understand the need for businesses having a well-stipulated strategy to get more clients. We aspire to offer exception digital marketing solutions. A leading team of experienced and qualified experts will be more than ready to serve you.

Our Skills



Graphic Design


Responsive Web Design


iOS Development


JavaScript Game Development



We offer impeccable services in various areas such as; SEO, website design and Facebook ads management. Under SEO, our leading team of experts will increase traffic to your website. We do this by choosing the right keywords or terms that help online users find your website. We guarantee you a top ranking on Google, Bing and other search engines.

Also, we modify the on-page content to ensure potential clients get the value of the information found on your site. To position your business on a competitive edge, we develop a professional website that helps you create a firm online presence. The created website is user-friendly and highly responsive hence creating a sumptuous user experience.

Do not worry about the loading time of your website. We develop websites with a 2.5 seconds loading time. You’re spoilt for choices since we have an array of design options you can choose from. Also, we use a font that resonates with your business theme and makes it eye-catching to attract more clients.

To add more traffic to your website, we link your website to the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We also help businesses in Facebook ads management. Our company will help your business develop effective Facebook ads that will grab Facebook users’ attention.  We achieve this by formulating ads that have an impressive title, well-documented product reviews and use media such as videos. At times, we may decide to review previous your previous Facebook ads and advise accordingly.

After offering you all these services, we provide you with monthly briefs to track the performance of your online presence.  Our leading experts will still offer you insights on any changes that need to be undertaken.