Facebook ads page

Facebook site currently boasts of over 2 billion users globally with users spending an average time of 2 hours per week online. This is a perfect site for growing your business online without much hustle and bustle. It takes care of all businesses irrespective of their size. Advertising through Facebook is cost-effective and you may not dig deep into your pockets. Ideally, Facebook charges $5-$10 as per cost per impressions.

Therefore, you spend less than $10 to reach at least 1000 audience. Facebook provides you with a rare opportunity to reach a wide clientele at a low cost. This includes outside your national borders. A good number of advertisement methods are hit and miss and you end up not reaching the target audience.

For instance, if you decide to print ads in your local or international newspaper, it will be costly and ineffective. Your target population may not buy newspapers especially in the current world where technology is taking center stage. The best way of marketing your services is through Facebook.

Every business that wishes to grow quickly must leverage Facebook ads.  We guarantee the possibility to forecast and measure your business’s future results. At Blue Pearl Digital Company, we help you to generate more revenues by incorporating an efficient Facebook ads management solution for your business. This is because having a Facebook account is never enough. You need a team of specialists to handle all this.

Why is it crucial for you to advertise on Facebook?

According to Facebook, at least 87 % of their campaigns are always successful. Facebook provides you with an opportunity to customize your ad to reach a specific audience based on their geographical location, demographics, personal interests and age group. Facebook also helps you to track ad performance and hence gives you the capability to conclude its viability.

In case your ad performance is poor, you can make the necessary changes to upscale your performance. Overall, Facebook helps meet your ideal customers and deliver the message directly to them. Do not be the person who logins to Facebook to comment and like other peoples’ posts. Take advantage of this online marketing strategy and you will laugh all the way to your bank.

Why you need a Facebook ad manager?

In many cases, it will be hard for you to handle your business and engage in online marketing. That’s why we advise you to hire us to manage your digital marketing strategy. We understand your business goals and targets and get down to business to ensure your business achieves that. Blue Pearl Digital Company knows it well the stress that comes with managing your business. There is no cause to worry, you can manage your business and leave the rest to us. Facebook has made it easy for businesses to develop Facebook ads.

However, they may not be effective in serving the purpose. For ads to be successful you need people with special skills and have a clear understanding of the digital marketing world.

Here is a list of Facebook ads services that we bring on the table


Facebook ads discovery

This is always our first step when developing a successful online marketing campaign. Facebook ad discovery is an important aspect that determines the success of Facebook ads. We carry out a deep scan of your potential competitors, their background and what makes them unique.

This provides us with an excellent opportunity to develop an effective Facebook ads campaign. Also, at times we may decide to look at the previous Facebook ads to have a clear understanding of why the ads failed to deliver results.

Facebook ad development

This involves coming up with the ads itself. We make compelling headlines that grab your target audience’s attention. Also, we make eye-catching visuals and informative product reviews and your target audience will not resist the urge of visiting your site.

Facebook monitoring

We keep a close eye on your ads and ensure they are delivering results. You may not have enough time to closely monitor your Facebook ads to make sure they are error-free. Hence, there is a need of having a trusted agency that will take care of this. Blue Pearl Digital Company, we have no choice but make sure you get the value of your money.

Facebook reporting

As a company, we justify why you should entrust us. For this reason, we give you monthly briefs on the progress of your Facebook campaign. This will greatly help your business in having a clear understanding of whether an online marketing strategy works for you.