Did you know that 7 out of 10 customers will find your company via a blog? Yes, this should be a wake-up call for businesses to launch an online presence. Having a website is one of the best ways to get online clients to buy your services. Today, creating a website has become an easier task than a decade ago.  Various platforms will offer you free services to come up and customize your website. However, having a website is not enough; you need to customize your website to achieve good results.

A website that fails to attract traffic is useless. According to a recent survey, at least 70% of customers will search for business online or even purchase before they physically present themselves to the business premises. Well, this data confirms it is hard for you to survive in the current business environment without investing in online marketing. We can help you come up with a professional website that will net you as many clients as possible. At Blue Digital Company, we ensure that your website is ranked top in the search engines.


Well, 38 % of your potential clients will stop engaging your website if it lacks an appealing layout and design. An interesting fact isn’t it? Yes, we have countless designs and layouts that you can choose to use on your website. However, you can as well give us full discretion on selecting the best layout that resonates with your business.

The website will be professional and user-friendly. We guarantee you positive responses from your potential clients. Entrust us with your website needs and you won’t regret.

We ensure the font is appealing thereby reducing the bounce rate. Also, depending on the nature of your business, we can include pictures and audio files to help clients have a better understanding of your services.

Website speed

Our team of experts will help your business come up with a website that loads fast. It can be annoying to keep opening a website that takes an eternity to open. We guarantee you this will no longer be the case when you seek our services. The loading time should be less than 2.5 seconds. Website speed is a key factor in google ranking and your business will reap big when your website has great functionality. We develop websites using minimal codes. This ensures code efficiency which in turn increases your website speed.


We create websites that are highly responsive and flexible. Clients use different devices to access your website. This ensures your website appears at the top of the search engines. At any time, all other factors constant, Google ranks a highly responsive website before a non-responsive website. We will surely help you with this.

Website Security

You do not have to worry about the security of your website.  We understand that Google prefers more secure websites when ranking them on their searches. You don’t want your potential clients to infect their devices with malware after visiting your site. For this reason, we strive to give you the best and secure website. We deliver https websites instead of http sites. They are more secure since they are protected with an SSL certificate.

On-page Content

Once we develop the website, we ensure that the content found on your website adds value to your clients. our team takes to include content that addresses the customer needs. Also,  we incorporate the right keywords or terms that will help in ranking your website.

Advance Analytics  Tracking

To appreciate our efforts, we give you timely monthly reports to show the performance of your website. These reports will give you vital information on your online performance.  That’s not all, we advise you on any changes that you may require to include on your website.

Integrate your website to your social media sites

We understand that social media helps you create a reputable business brand. The more a website participates in social media the higher the chances of getting more clients. Due to the large influx of social media users visiting your website. Blue Pearl company helps you in integrating your website with all the major social media platforms. These include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Hosting services

After ensuring that your website is up and running we maintain your website and offer excellent hosting services.

You have no excuse for not owning a website in this decade. Don’t shy away from contacting us and get free consultations.

Get yourself a quality website from us today.